Singing professionally for 27 years, but singing all his life, Clan started off singing in Churches without music as a child. This is where Clan realized he could captivate an audience with the heartfelt emotion he puts into each and every song. Clan formed a real life band which took Central Scotland by storm, when he came to the attention of more established bands who clamoured for Clan to be the lead singer of their band.

Eventually settling on being the lead singer of one of the more prominent bands, Clan stayed with that band for around 6 years, but was hungry for more experiences of International audiences. He then went solo and even applied for an audition to be the lead singer of the Scots Band Runrig – but because of logistics at the time it was not a viable option. A few years later Clan finds himself singing in Spain in all the top Hotels in the Costa del Sol region to International Audiences.

He returned home to Scotland a few months later into the recording studio. Delighting crowds wherever he appears to entertain, he still to this day is “on the road” in real life.

Clan in Aloha Hawaii preparing the Elvis Tribute sim.

Settling in and choosing AMV as his home grid, Clan is humble, heartfelt, funny and polite with each and everyone he encounters anywhere in OpenSim worlds, his aim is to take people on a musical journey and engross them with the emotion he feels for the songs he sings. To quote AMV’s Cataplexia Numbers “Clan has been The Voice of AMV for over 2 years now, we are blessed to have him here! See his OpenSimWorld.com page for upcoming events at the many music venues of Club Escotia!”

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