Clan the SInging DJ takes on New York Monday 1PM

Everybody come onboard, we might not leave the plane, if this is how the airport works, we’ll stay here just the same!
Almost nearly landed, but air traffic controller says, “We don’t understand ya Clan the Man” and “Can ya say that again!”
Obviously I see the runway, and it’s kind of a gettin’ close, landin’ gear is down my friends, hopefully of this day I will boast,
Eerie is my haunting sound, I cut through all the ages, some time ago I was here don’t ya know, history is all in the pages,
Amass a legacy, that was the future, if only just for a moment, but what was produced shall never reduce the fact I was here by appointment.

See if you can spot the clues in the above for Clan’s Tea Time Teaser trivia question, throw some bits into the Prize Pot, WINNER TAKES ALL! Escotia

MONDAY January 20, 1PM

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