Clan the Singing DJ deep in the jungle at Club Escotia with Edith, Chuckles and Pepito

It’s still only March we’re all in the jungle, and the critters are startin’ to rouse,
There’s a Scotsman who lives there who’s really quite crazy, and he hangs about in his tree house,
But don’t let that fear you – he’s not really scary, bringing joy is what his bag is,
And be careful as you tread, yes watch where you walk, he gets protective of his haggis!

KING CLAN with Clan’s Band Fri/Sat

When I think of the songs I could sing, I immediately think of The King,
But his songs were so many, to choose from there’s plenty, and we’d all go on singing along!
The theme we have chosen is regal, with Saturday being the sequel,
All things Kingly, hopin’ ya sing wi’ me, hope you’ll be here for a sing-song!

Map: alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Club Escotia
Fri March 10 at 1 PM
Sat March 11 at 11 AM

CLAN the Singing DJ 1 PM Monday

A rare Monday where DJ Clan does more singing than spinning!

So what is happenin’ Monday? Clan aims to make it a fun day,
With mic in hand surrounded by band, flippin’ from DJ to sing day,
So come along for the banter it’s just an hour which is a canter,
Request your own song, but do come along, and hear the AMV Scots chanter!

Fifties Friday and Sixties Saturday

Join us for Back to Back shows at Geronimo’s Drive In Diner:
Fifties Friday (1pm) and Sixties Saturday (11am)
At Club Escotia in AMV!
Come as you are, we know these decades are “before your time”…
Right? LOL

Friday Feb 24 1pm (Fifties)
Saturday Feb 25 11am (Sixties)

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Club Escotia
(Gernonimo’s Drive-In Diner)



This week we go international with Clan and the Band, how many international songs does Clan have at hand?
Could it be Elvis, Tom, Frank or Roy, I will try to sing your favourite songs be you a girl or a boy,
So come along one and all, to the place you long to be, and view our latest stage that’s there, even if your wee’ šŸ™‚
Songs in different languages I will give them all a go, but you won’t get to hear them if you don’t come to our show!

http://alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Club Escotia

1PM FRIDAY and 11AM SATURDAY Feb 3 & 4


Clan the SInging DJ takes on New York Monday 1PM

Everybody come onboard, we might not leave the plane, if this is how the airport works, we’ll stay here just the same!
Almost nearly landed, but air traffic controller says, “We don’t understand ya Clan the Man” and “Can ya say that again!”
Obviously I see the runway, and it’s kind of a gettin’ close, landin’ gear is down my friends, hopefully of this day I will boast,
Eerie is my haunting sound, I cut through all the ages, some time ago I was here don’t ya know, history is all in the pages,
Amass a legacy, that was the future, if only just for a moment, but what was produced shall never reduce the fact I was here by appointment.

See if you can spot the clues in the above for Clan’s Tea Time Teaser trivia question, throw some bits into the Prize Pot, WINNER TAKES ALL!

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Club Escotia

MONDAY January 20, 1PM

Clan’s 80s Show -Fri and Sat

CLAN LIVE with Clan’s Band Flashback to the 80s – 1 PM Friday

Back in the time when Movies were hot, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop,
When we all strutted and thought we looked fine, Clan will sing songs you may have heard at the time,
So travel back ’cause one hour is a moment, of all we recall, your song that was so potent,
This time round we’re more polite with the Ladies, welcome back one n’ all to the time of the Eighties!

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Club Escotia Rooftop Cafe Venue
Friday Jan 27 1PM & Saturday Jan 28 11am

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