CLAN the Singing DJ’s Got The Blues

It turns out Monday’s a Blues day,
The day between Sunday and Tuesday,
And if you are smart, you’ll be there from the start,
Minimizing the chance it’s a lose day!

Clan’s Tea Time Teaser – Win the pot or not! 1 PM – Now don’t be late! Escotia

1PM Monday Jan 23, 2023

DJ CLAN’s “Dreams” party

It’s Monday 16th January — it’s cold so wear a beanie, come over to Club Escotia where our stage looks rather DREAMY,
Spring’s just around the corner but we think we just won’t bother clearin’ the snow ’cause we never know, the sky will do what it wanna,
But contest with songs and some banter, and a DJ who’s a bit of a ranter,
We’re sure you’ll be fine, hope the music’s divine, and you may find the contest a canter!!


CLAN’S BAND’s two day Road Trip – Dec 13 Fri 1 pm (LAS VEGAS) ~and~ DEC 14 Sat 11 am (New York)

We’re on the road, up ahead it’s Vegas! They’re lookin’ for bands, just hope that they take us,
Cause we’ve travelled far and the road is so hard, with trailer on tow, we will get on that card,
We’ll send you a bus, a taxi or plane, we do this for music, not money or fame!
We hope you’ll be there ’cause you are our Family,
In with the greats like Elvis and Jerry Lee!


Vegas is done we head to New York, San and I are silent, just hear the girl’s talk!
Jewelry and make up, dresses and gigs the Ladies are sure our future’s look big,
One gig at a time we the lads do suggest, ambitions are high though as we do our best,
So join us on this journey, share our memories and song, come with Clan’s Band right where you belong!

Both shows held on the outdoor stage area on the Soccer Field at Club Escotia. Wait till you see the moving parts of this fantastic stage! Dance on the lawn or sit in the bleachers, you’ll have a great time!

DJ CLAN PARTY at the Red Hen

DJ Clan is absolutely positive (more or less) you won’t guess this week’s Trivia Contest. Spinning all his favorite songs, he will drop clues along the way… be sure to drop some bits into the prize pot — WINNER TAKES ALL!

hop: Escotia – The Red Hen Ski Chalet venue

Dec 9, 2023

CLAN LIVE at the Gypsy Camp

CLAN LIVE with Clan’s Band at our new Gypsy Camp 1PM FRIDAY

Now come along ye travellin’ folks to Clan’s Gypsy encampment,
Where music, laughter and merriment we foresee exists in your future,
Sit down for a reading with no caravans speeding, and your horses being fed and rested,
Just make sure you are there 1 PM to be fair, and Gypsy outfits requested!

January 6, 2023 1PM

hop:// Escotia

CLAN LIVE at Winterfest 2022

Once a year event, our Babes in Toyland stage featuring CLAN LIVE

Join us at AMV’s Winterfest appearance at their Christmas Market Ballroom FRIDAY DEC 23 at 1pm for some fabulous music and one of our favorite stages with wind up dolls, moving trains, rocking horses and backed this year by a toy soldier band 🙂

hop: Market – Find us in the beautiful outdoor ballroom!

DEC 22, 2022 1PM

DJ CLAN’s Holiday Travelers

Egg nog and dancin’ laughin with friends, we all hope that it never ends,
But comes a time when the last song plays, and even we head in different ways,
But fear not Clan says to all of us, for we shall be back here on the Clan bus,
Bringin’ good times and merriment too as we look to the future with our Family, that’s you!!

hop:// Escotia

Monday Dec 19 (1 to 2:30)

CLAN LIVE with Clan’s Band Skate Party – 2 days

Club Escotia 1 PM and be prepared to skate,
‘Cause we all know the time you’ll have, well we reckon will be great!
So come along one and all but the greenery will be sparse,
We hope you’re good at balancin’ or ye’ll end up on yer arse,
Please wrap up good maybe bring a flask, ’cause we need you to be warm,
When Clan and Band take to the stage they sure gonna whip up a storm!

hop:// Escotia

Dec 16 (1pm), Dec 17 (11am) 2022

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