CLAN’S BAND’s two day Road Trip – Dec 13 Fri 1 pm (LAS VEGAS) ~and~ DEC 14 Sat 11 am (New York)

We’re on the road, up ahead it’s Vegas! They’re lookin’ for bands, just hope that they take us,
Cause we’ve travelled far and the road is so hard, with trailer on tow, we will get on that card,
We’ll send you a bus, a taxi or plane, we do this for music, not money or fame!
We hope you’ll be there ’cause you are our Family,
In with the greats like Elvis and Jerry Lee!


Vegas is done we head to New York, San and I are silent, just hear the girl’s talk!
Jewelry and make up, dresses and gigs the Ladies are sure our future’s look big,
One gig at a time we the lads do suggest, ambitions are high though as we do our best,
So join us on this journey, share our memories and song, come with Clan’s Band right where you belong!

Both shows held on the outdoor stage area on the Soccer Field at Club Escotia. Wait till you see the moving parts of this fantastic stage! Dance on the lawn or sit in the bleachers, you’ll have a great time!

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