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https://opensimworld.com/events/96702 Come along this weekend we’ll try to make you smile,We’re callin’ this remembrance weekend although it’s been a while,Eight hundred years to be more exact, my how time passes by,Enough of that tho here’s the deal, we’d rather laugh than cry!

KING CLAN with Clan’s Band Fri/Sat

When I think of the songs I could sing, I immediately think of The King,But his songs were so many, to choose from there’s plenty, and we’d all go on singing along!The theme we have chosen is regal, with Saturday being the sequel,All things Kingly, hopin’ ya sing wi’ me, hope you’ll be here for …


Everybody come onboard, we might not leave the plane, if this is how the airport works, we’ll stay here just the same!Almost nearly landed, but air traffic controller says, “We don’t understand ya Clan the Man” and “Can ya say that again!”Obviously I see the runway, and it’s kind of a gettin’ close, landin’ gear …

Clan’s 80s Show -Fri and Sat

Back in the time when Movies were hot, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop,When we all strutted and thought we looked fine, Clan will sing songs you may have heard at the time,So travel back ’cause one hour is a moment, of all we recall, your song that was so potent,This time round we’re more …

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